10 books for writers

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This isn’t an exhaustive list, merely a compilation of sources I’ve read and found useful:

  1. The Vein of Gold, by Julia Cameron (1997) – good for awakening creativity.
  2. How Not to Write a Novel, by Mittelmark and Newman (2008) – hilarious collection of awful mistakes.
  3. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, by Browne and King (2004) – a practical book on self-editing written by professional editors.
  4. On Becoming a Novelist, by John Gardner (1983) – the voice of experience.
  5. Nail your Novel: Plots with Drama, Depth and Heart, by Roz Morris (2015) – a very useful plotting guide by one of the best online writing coaches.
  6. Nail your Novel: Draft, Fix and Finish with Confidence, by Roz Morris (2009) – a life-saver by above-mentioned writing coach, invaluable if you want to rescue that stalled manuscript.
  7. How to Write a Novel, by John Braine (1974) – another enjoyable manual by an experienced novelist.
  8. Stein on Writing, by Sol Stein (1995) – an excellent, step-by-step revision of everything you must know to make your book publishable.
  9. How to Write a Damn Good Novel, by James N. Frey (1994) – full of sharp insights and interesting technical details.
  10. Novelist’s Essential Guide to Crafting Scenes, by Raymond Obstfeld (2000) – detailed instructions on how to build powerful scenes.